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"What good is it, my brothers (and sisters), if we claim to have faith but no deeds?  Can such a faith save us? Suppose a brother or a sister is without clothes and daily food. If one of you says to him, "Go, I wish you well; keep warm and well fed," but does nothing about his physical needs, what good is it?  In the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead."  Book of James 2:14-17
Jesus brought a free gift to us in the salvation from sin and death for those who simply have a faith that it is true.  Once this is understood and assimilated to the very core of our being there is a change from the inward to the outside. And that change is action on the behalf of God the Father.  "You see that a person is justified by what he does (with their faith) and not by faith alone."  
Martin Luther knew this well and stated that you are justified (declared righteous before God) by faith alone, but not by faith that is alone.
Deeds matter and you, the congregation, have acted. In conjunction with Grace Lutheran of Waynesboro, the medical clinic is thriving in one of the most remote parts of the Western Hemisphere.  The tangible part of this is your support of $28,000 a year.  This is solely by extra donations from you! (it is not covered by your annual Stewardship Pledge), to pay salaries, buy equipment, decrease the co-pay amounts for patients and supply regular daily medicines from the only pharmacy within a three hour very rough drive-if you can afford a ride.  
By doing this you have acted on your faith.

Questions and Answers on Haiti

Questions and Answers on Haiti

What did we decide?  During the seven weeks of Epiphany in 2023, the Global Missions Team talked about the significance of the Epiphany, and what it means to us as christians in regards to our generosity to those who have relatively little and struggle for existence.  We had been made aware of four unique projects in Haiti and now you, the congregation, have chosen one to support.  We are, of course, open to the support of more than one project.

The Stipend for a Doctor, a Nurse and a Stocked Pharmacy for a Year has been chosen by You. After voting was concluded on January 19th, the tally supported this program by the majority of the those voting.  What this will mean is that for the first year of support, at a cost of $24,000, there will be a Monday through Friday presence on the southern shore of the island of a regular, properly certified nurse. Having the same nurse available everyday at the same location is invaluable for the patients care. They will get to know each patient over the weeks and months of operation.  This will allow them to see who has changed, gotten worse and who simply needs a few questions answered.  They will be able to do diabetic teaching and testing, reassess blood pressures, wounds, infections and injuries.

 This also means that there will be a primary care doctor present several times a week. They too will learn the patients and be able to do continuing care of diabetic leg ulcers, follow pediatric seizures, manage congestive heart failure and treat infections and gastric ulcers.

 And lastly, enough support to stock the pharmacy with regular Hypertension, COPD, Antibiotics and Diabetic medicines so that there will be continuous control of these maladies. This will dramatically reduce the rates of stroke, infections, shortness of breath and permanent deformity from untreated injuries.

 How do I make a donation?  You may make out a check to the Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church at 26 West Boscawen St, 22601 ℅ Global Missions Team or Click the “Give Now” button in the Green Block below where it says “Give Online.” Other gifts of Appreciated Stock or other investments, Required IRA distributions or Annuities are welcome. Contact the church directly for those.

 Why does this matter?      It matters to you. Why? Because this is the Epiphany season that has a beginning tied to the Baptism of Jesus and an ending tied to the Transfiguration. Think about this: Christmas was all about Jesus as fully human. Epiphany however is about His becoming fully divine. Jesus had two sides to Him then and you have two sides to you now. You certainly are fully human and as a new creation in Christ, you have begun your life in the divine with Jesus. As this changed person, you see the poor differently. Remember Jesus’s first words when His ministry finally became public:

 “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he has anointed me to bring good news to the poor.   He has sent me to proclaim release to the captives and recovery of sight to the blind, to let the oppressed go free, to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor.” (Luke 4:16–21).

It is clear that the Haitians are poor, and in the Americas, THE poorest. He came for them first.

Who benefits from this Global Missions Project? The humans that walk that island shore right now will feel this as a lift. You will be sharing their yoke just as Jesus offers to do for us. Their daily burden will therefore be lighter. You will play a part in relieving suffering.  It is this goal that demonstrates our response to the free gift of grace from the act of Jesus on the cross.

Isn’t Haiti beyond help?     Can you imagine Jesus making such a declaration? No, never. For just as it was the mission of Christ to bring the Good News of salvation to the lowly, it is also ours to bring the same hope to the poor today. We are His hands and the stewards of His money. While the news from Haiti is depressing, the gangs, the failed state, the violence, there is a more profound spiritual undercurrent going on in Haiti. There are people and organizations who care deeply for their fellow Haitians. There are churches that work ceaselessly to educate, to feed, to provide healthcare along with the eucharist to those who hunger for it. No one is beyond hope, no one beyond the gift of grace and salvation. It is up to us to see past the dirt, the inept government, the wicked behavior of gangs, and see the face of Christ in each Haitian. It is up to each of us to give them hope. To show them that good will prevail and that Christ’s love is abiding and stronger than any man made suffering they must endure.


Good and gracious God, in Jesus Christ you give us a new vision of your gacre and generosity that calls us to love our neighbors near and far. Help us to show your love to our sisters and brothers in Haiti through our gifts and resources that will provide hope and well being for their future. Open our hearts and eyes to see and and respond in love as we are called to love our neighbors as ourselves. We are blessed to have resources to give to BUILDING TOMORROW BY GRACE. Help us to see that we are called to give from our abundance to bless those in Haiti who are also building for a new tomorrow in God’s grace. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen


Medical Clinic ~ Status of the Project

Updates and Implementation of the Project

July 2023

The Global Missions Team has funded the successful opening of the Medical Clinic in Sous á Philippe. The Clinic opened on May 8th of 2023 and is already serving 30 patients a week with a Haitien Doctor, Two Nurses, a Pharmacist, a Manager and an Archivist. We praise the Lord for this opening of hearts and pocketbooks for the sole purpose of doing justice in this tangible way.

 As part of the planning, we are in communication with our righteous partners in Haiti, David Draeger, Mission Volunteer Coordinator, and Pastor Gelin Rosamour of the Haitian Methodist Church. They have taken it upon themselves to hire the staff, organize the chain of custody for the money once it is wired, and clean and repair the building. They will generate monthly spreadsheets that will cover the financial aspects and a breakdown of the patients needs, numbers seen and an ongoing inventory of pharmaceuticals.  This will be a good place to stay abreast of the roll out of this worthy effort.

We look forward to the many years to come of supporting and growing this presence in Haiti--of healing and growing under the love of our God.  

This woman suffered First, Second and Third Degree burns from a likely flash exposure from using gasoline as a fire starter and presented last week to the Medical Clinic in Sous á Philippe.  She was assessed, started on IV fluids and her wounds were cleaned and dressed. Her wounds covered approximately 9% of her body surface. Our doctor urged her to go to the city hospital on the mainland but she refused-no money. She did agree to stay at the clinic and now is well enough to go home with some long term damage.

Through our support and His hands at work in the clinic, she received medical care that would not have been possible just two months ago. Most importantly, she received mercy and tender care. She likely would have suffered alone if there was no medical service in the village.

We welcome a new partner in the righteous cause of God's work. Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church of Waynesboro has generously donated $2,500.  We look forward to getting to know our gracious partners there in this endeavor.

Donations To Date ~ $23,516

  • Grace Winchester:     $21,016
  • Grace Waynesboro:     $2,500
Our Haitian Medical Staff
List of the Personal at SAP Medical Clinic.    From right to left:  Nurse Nadine Gracia; Dr. Wendy Jean Charles; Nurse Wesline Theodore; Markenson Moise; Louinel Edmond; and Francois Esperance.  Mistal Rolquine is not pictured.

Epiphany Season Support for Haiti

Our Focus for 2023 - 2028

Temple talk from Sunday, January 29, 2023

Grace Global Missions Team Presents: The Case for Support of the Medical Clinic"

Resettlement History and Needs

Refugee Resettlement History and Current Needs

June 2023

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

Our congregation has a long history of assisting refugees through the years. We have always been willing and ready to open our hearts and offer our hands to help our brothers and sisters in need of a safe place to live their lives without constant fear.  

Many of us remember our more recent involvement with the Alnajar family we welcomed from Syria several years ago.  They are doing very well and are citizens and fully involved in the community.

Today we continue this outreach through our Global Missions efforts.

Currently Church World Services is working diligently in Winchester to help relocate refugees from Afghanistan and Syria primarily.  Families are arriving on a regular basis fleeing from war, political strife and persecution.  CWS is providing them with housing, employment opportunities, assistance with arrangements for medical care, transportation, and help with establishing themselves in the community with a goal of independence.

Our role as a congregation has gone from being the single source of arrangements for a single refugee family to one part of a larger interfaith community supporting over a hundred refugees under the guidance of Church World Services.

There are numerous ways we can serve today.  I have personally felt a calling to spend my time mostly transporting clients to various locations from CCAP, to medical appointments, to the DMV, to the bank to open accounts, to grocery stores, to the laundromat to name some. It is a joy and at times a challenge to help them learn how to become more independent and to feel comfortable in their new environment.

Your help is needed and there are so many opportunities to provide that help.  

If you are interested in hands on work it is needed.  Please just reach out to either myself    540-664-1754 or Kyle Hayes 540-824-8630 at Church World Services.    If you are not able to give of your time your financial help is needed both in kind donations and gift cards for groceries, or a cash donation.

God is calling us to reach out to these families who are struggling to make new lives in a foreign land.  Can  you answer in some small way?

Your Sister in Christ,

Joyce Ray

Grace Global Missions Team Presents: Solar Electrification of the Sous á Phillippe Medical Clinic