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Prayer Labyrinth

Prayer Labyrinth

The Prayer Labyrinth is located on the Grace property at Mount Hebron Cemetery (at the eastern end of Boscawen Street) in the front left corner of the cemetery. It is constructed in the design of the prayer labyrinth of St. Chartres Cathedral in France, with Luther’s Rose at the center. It was the Eagle Scout Project of Jackson Cain supported by his parents, John and Annie Cain and a task group from the congregation. The Prayer Labyrinth is open to all whenever the cemetery gates are open.

prayer labryinth

A Prayer Labyrinth is a way to pray while walking, a metaphor of the journey of life and faith. It is not a maze; you don’t have to find your way. Just pray while following the path to the center of the labyrinth, and then walk back out the opposite way.  Remember that God is present with you as you walk, just as God is present with you on your life’s journey. One simple way is to pray for your cares and responsibilities on the way into the center of the labyrinth, offering them up to God, and then on the way back out the opposite way to remember the things for which you are grateful and to take your responsibilities and cares back up again knowing the God is your companion.

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