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Pray Together

God invites us to pray as a congregation and as individuals for the church, for other people, for the world, and for ourselves. When we pray we are in the presence of a loving and faithful God who listens to us. In prayer our awareness of God’s presence and God’s nature deepens. In prayer God comforts and helps us, shapes and teaches us, and empowers us for action. Prayer is a source for love.

Here, through the website, we are invited to add our intercessions for ourselves and to pray for others. This is an interactive page. After you have prayed for one of the petitions listed, you may click the link to indicate you have done so, and encourage those for whom you have prayed. Please ensure you have permission to include names or identifiers you make public for prayer.

There are other opportunities at Grace to pray in specific ways at different times during the year, for instance, prayer groups, prayer retreats, or praying while walking the Prayer Labyrinth on our property at Mount Hebron Cemetery.

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We Care

The people of Grace are nurtured, and nurture others, through ministries of care, including: Health Community Nursing, Stephen Ministry, Eucharistic ministry, prayer shawl ministry, meals for funerals and times of crisis, the prayer chain, pastoral care and visitation of the pastors.

Stephen Ministry is a ministry of one-to-one caregiving in times of crisis and transition. If you are interested in learning more about receiving the care of a Stephen Minister, or training to be a Stephen Minister yourself. For more information, contact one of the pastors.  


Wednesday Morning Bible Study

June 19, 2024

Come together on Zoom and prepare for worship on the coming Sunday by studying the Scripture readings ahead of...

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