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Everyone has a next step. What's yours?

We hope that Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church will be a place where you connect to others and find a home. Whether you are searching for answers to questions of faith, a place where questions are welcome without judgment, or looking for a church home, we invite you to get to know us online, in digital worship, serving with us, or contacting us for more information. We hope to connect with you and walk with you as you seek the best ways to flourish in faith and life.


We are a congregation of people whose unity is in Jesus Christ, who gathers us around word and water, wine and bread. Baptism is a significant part of our faith journey as we come from the baptismal waters to live a new life as children of God.  

Baptism is an outward sign of God's internal work in our lives and therefore babies, children and adults alike can be baptized.

Our baptism sets us out on a lifelong journey that is characterized by our relationship to God, our relationship to our brothers and sisters in Christ, our relationships in the wider community and the world. Living our baptismal covenant means living a life of growth in the faith practices of discipleship.

The liturgy for the Affirmation of Baptism describes the faith practices that grow out of our baptism (Evangelical Lutheran Worship, page 236). We are to “ among God’s faithful people; hear the word of God and share in the Lord’s Supper; proclaim the good news of God in Christ through word and deed; serve all people following the example of Jesus; and strive for justice and peace in all the earth.”  

If you desire baptism for yourself or for your child, please contact one of the pastors email the church with the button below.

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