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Commitment Forms

Greetings to all who care about the ministry of Grace Lutheran Church!

What a year this has been! However, because of your tireless efforts and generous gifts, we have been able to adapt and continue the mission and ministry of Grace. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for helping to make this possible.

Each year, our stewardship appeal provides an opportunity to reflect on God’s abundance and to challenge each of us to be a part of the mission and ministry of Grace. Enclosed are response forms which allow you to indicate your intentions for 2022. Completed forms may be returned by mail, placed in the offering plate, or completed on this page. Regardless of response method, your commitments will remain confidential.

As we enter the final months of 2021, let us look forward, with optimism, to a future filled with exciting opportunities. “Caring for the Future” is an appropriate theme for 2022. As proven this year and because we care, the mission and ministry of Grace will continue and grow with your generosity.

Do you feel called to be a part of our Caring for the Future? Your response by October 24th will help with our 2022 planning.

Steve Thomas, Stewardship Chair       Pastor Martha Sims     Pastor Jonathan Boynton

2022 Financial Commitment Card

2022 Grace Time and Talent Offering

2022 Grace Children and Youth Time and Talent Offering